Businesses versus human lives


Editor: This is a letter in response to Diane Watson (“We must all do our part to get through pandemic”) and David Goldsmith (“Selfish people, selfish protest) in The Chatham Voice recently.

To begin with, anti-lockdown protesters should not be blamed. I am not one. Since now that we are in our third lockdown, what did you expect from people? They were probably in fear of losing their homes, businesses and other property to the banks and other financial institutions.

The real problem is government and all the MPs and MPPs in Ottawa and Toronto. Let’s face it folks, Canada is a Third World country when it comes to medical supplies, equipment, drug manufacturing and research.

At one time, Canada manufactured drugs and did research in Canada. But that all changed with the Harper government. They got rid of it.

Both the province and the feds should be giving big time incentives to locate drug manufacturers, research, medical supplies and equipment in Canada so that we can become independent and not have to depend on other countries to maintain our health.

An example of this is a long time ago insulin was developed in London, Ont. for diabetes by Dr. Banting. I wonder if it is still manufactured in Canada?

This is why we are in the mess that we are in with this virus.

The really bad thing to come from the virus is all the foreclosures, bankruptcies and repossessions after all these crazy lockdowns end.

Here is an example of this idea in Windsor at Devonshire Mall and at Windsor Crossing Outlet Mall: There are stores that closed after the first and second lockdowns that will probably never come back. I would not be surprised if there are business ghost areas in towns and cities all across Ontario from lockdowns.

In closing, look at Michigan. They have a really high case count and death rate, but just about everything is open there. At least they are trying to save the businesses there, where we are not.

Pierre Quenneville





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