Video series on human trafficking produced locally

The trafficking and sexual exploitation of young women is a scary reality in Canada, and specifically Ontario, including right here in Chatham-Kent.

In an effort to help local residents recognize the signs of human trafficking, Chatham-Kent police and Victim Services have teamed up to produce several videos on the subject.

The videos share the stories of Canadian survivors of human trafficking. Kate do Forno, executive director of Chatham-Kent Victim Services (CKVS) said human trafficking is a dirty truth in the municipality, and along the Highway 401 corridor.

“It’s a growing issue in Chatham-Kent for sure. We’ve seen our numbers rise in the past year,” she said.

But it’s not isolated to Chatham-Kent.

“It’s an issue in every community. They’re targeting young girls, predominantly,” do Forno said. “These traffickers know how to groom them.”

She stressed it is vital for families – parents and their children, to be able to recognize how traffickers work.

“That’s why we put together these videos. We have an opportunity to educate families,” do Forno said.

There are three videos in the series, the longest being 17 minutes. do Forno said they are worth watching.

“I think it will be the best 25 minutes in total that you’ve spent in the past week,” she said. “Yes, it’s scary, but it’s so informative and educational that you will benefit from it.”

do Forno said the videos help people understand what human traffickers are doing and how to spot the signs trafficking is taking place.

She stressed trafficking is not as hidden as people think; they just don’t recognize what is happening.

“People often don’t want to think about it. But it’s a growing issue along the 401 corridor,” do Forno said. “We can all help one another. It can happen to any family.”

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