Student makes 160 holiday gifts for peers

Luc Arbour, a Grade 7 student at École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Catherine, shows off some of the 160 images he took of other students, to make some very special Christmas gifts.

By Jenna Cocullo, Local Journalism Initiative

When picture day was cancelled at Pain Court’s elementary school this year, 12-year-old Luc Arbour decided to bring the joy himself.

Arbour, who is in Grade 7 at École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Catherine, took portraits of every student in the school, grouping siblings together, and made a special Christmas card for the kids to take home to their parents.

Thanks to his iPad, a green screen, and his editing skills, students were able to also choose a fun Christmas background. Arbour’s personal favourite is the snow globe.

“I did this whole school,” Abour, who has Down syndrome, said. “I took 160 and it took me 25 days.”

Arbour has many hobbies; he loves to do homework, play basketball, soccer, baseball and to dance to his Michael Jackson Spotify playlist. But he also loves photography.

“I wanted to do it because it (the green screen and photography) was so cool. And I love Christmas”

He even developed a special logo that read “Joyeux Noël” and “photographs by Luc Arbour” that he stuck to the back of each card.

For now, he is interested in working toward starting his own business.

Next, Arbour is hoping to take some portraits of dogs.

Arbour’s educational assistant, Jadeyn Martin, said everyone, from the teachers to the students, were proud of him for his accomplishments.

“Everyone was like ‘Whoa Luc, bravo! This is awesome, man,’” she said.

Cassandra Sadler, resource teacher at Sainte-Catherine, said she is most proud that Arbour managed to explain to students 160 times what his project was about, all the while making sure he and his peers were respecting COVID-19 social distancing protocols.

“I’m so proud of him for all his accomplishments. This year has been very bizarre,” Martin said.

“He made everyone so happy,” Sadler concluded.

Jadeyn Martin, education assistant, left, and Cassandra Sadler, resource assistant, right, are pictured here with Luc Arbour, a Grade 7 student at École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Catherine who made a very special Christmas project.




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