Cat burglar?


Chatham-Kent police say they’ve solved the case of the purloined pussycat.

Last Friday, police responded to a theft complaint at a residence in Chatham. At this time, a woman reported that her neighbour had stolen her cat.

Through investigation, the cat was observed in the neighbour’s home. Officers spoke with the neighbour multiple times in an effort to peacefully resolve the situation, however, the neighbour purred that the cat was hers and refused to co-operate with police.

With the assistance of photographs and Pet and Wildlife Rescue/OSPCA documents, officers confirmed that the micro-chipped cat was stolen.

Yesterday, police executed a warrant at the neighbour’s home. The feline was retrieved and returned to its rightful owner.

The neighbour, a 51-year-old Chatham woman, was arrested and charged with theft and possession of stolen furry property. She was released pending a future court date.


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