Social assistance facts


Editor: As an eight-year resident of C-K, and a former resident of the GTA, I am repeatedly shocked and appalled at the sneering prejudice levelled at recipients of social assistance, whether it be Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support. 

While there are undoubtedly some people that abuse the system (as with any system including the CERB), it is disheartening, at the very least, to be a recipient of ODSP for verified mental health and physical problems having to repeatedly hear the scorn of people discussing how much we get, how we are all slackers, alcoholics and drug-addicts.

The fact is, a single recipient of ODSP receives about $600 a month plus what they pay in rent up to $475. We do not receive $600 + $475 with the “privilege” of living in geared-to-income housing and therefore “bonus” money. We receive exactly as much as we pay in rent.

I was asked recently, as a resident of geared-to-income housing, if I would pay full rent. Of course I would, if there was a place in C-K available for $475. 

Full rent on the unit I live in is approximately $580.

Also, the CERB is available to recipients of either OW and ODSP, only if they were working before Covid-19. Sure there are cheats, and I trust they will be held accountable, as cheaters of any kind should be.

Finally, prejudice is prejudice, no matter what group you level yours at.


Chris Thomasson



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