C-K COVID numbers keep rising


By Jenna Cocullo, Local Journalism Initiative

Chatham-Kent has seen 11 new cases of COVID-19 over the past four days. The cumulative total reached 226.

Four more individual cases were found with COVID-19 on Friday. Three more cases appeared on Saturday and Sunday respectively, and one new case was discovered on Monday.

Forty-five cases remain active in Chatham-Kent. One resident is hospitalized in Windsor. To date, one person has died in Chatham-Kent from the virus.

The new cases are part of an outbreak among family members and their close contacts. Dr. David Colby, Chatham-Kent’s medical officer of health, said risk to the overall community remains very low.

Meanwhile, Sarnia has joined the list of Southwest Ontario municipalities that are requiring mandatory masks to be worn in public spaces. On Monday morning, the city’s council voted in favour of the temporary by-law which will come into effect on Friday. 


  1. Maybe Chatham Kent council should look at the mask policy before it gets out of hand since this is the only place around here that doesn’t have any

  2. Mask bylaws have proved useful. Just imagine, you wear a mask when inside a business for a month or two and you migtvsave a life. A lot easier to be a hero that way than running into a burning building. That I would balk at big time. Wearing a maskforva bit, no biggie

  3. Masks should be mandatory in chatham. We can’t keep on going on what a medical advisor tells us what’s safe or not. It took the w.h.o along time to jumble up what they thought was safe or not and people died. We as a community should take every measure to use our discretion to what we need to protect. This is not going away anytime soon and now that we are in stage 3 we have invited those from other cities and towns that have not received clearance and are in stage two. We have open bars and restaurants and hoped for social distancing. Yet the fact is when someone become a under the influence of alcohol why would they care otherwise. Opening stage three this early is like playing the lottery but the odds are higher against us there are no winners here. Mask up people. Be responsible. Think of others. Stay home if your not feeling well. Don’t wait for the numbers to rise as it Will.

  4. Agree! Our numbers per capita are actually higher than Toronto. Judging by the US license plates I have been noticing around Chatham the last few days I highly recommend that masks are mandatory in all stores and that restaurants comply by making their staff ” properly” wear masks.

  5. why are we not told were these cases are. CK is a large area with all of the towns and villages. The public should have the right to know the area and of course NO names and are these cases contained


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