Second travel-associated case of COVID-19 in C-K

Mar 18 • COVID-19, Feature Story, Local News3 Comments on Second travel-associated case of COVID-19 in C-K

This from the municipality:

CK Public Health was notified today the Ontario Public Health Laboratory of a second positive case of COVID-19 infection in the Chatham-Kent. The individual is an 81 year old female who had recently travelled to the United States. The individual was admitted to hospital in isolation on March 16 and remains in stable condition. CK Public Health staff advised the close contacts to self-isolate at home for 14 days on March 16.

“Having our second positive case does not mean that we are losing this battle at a local level, stresses Dr. David Colby, Chatham-Kent’s Medical Officer of Health.  We had anticipated this virus travelling to our community and we are working to identify and isolate cases and their contacts to break the chain of infection.  This is why the closures, bans and directions came when they did.”

Earlier today, municipal and hospital officials held a press conference to announce the first case in C-K, a 52-year-old Chatham man.



3 Responses to Second travel-associated case of COVID-19 in C-K

  1. David says:

    Wonder why this case was identified on March 16 and we are just hearing of it today, March 18. 48 hours IS a critical period to not be aware. Knowledge is Power!

  2. Owen says:

    ” you do not have it under control dr. David Colby. Your hospitals have next to zero masks for nurses and cleaners, they are still being told to operate on droplet procedures, you still believe there is no community transmission while every single other country in the world has told you that there is. As well as telling you its able to transmit airbone and found in feces. You aren’t testing enough, thats why you have this perception of under control. Since your nurses and cleaners have already been operating for months without proper ppe you should be testing your own staff to see who is currently positive. we’re all going to be in deep shit in a week and a half. Its going to be a shitty I told you so when it happens”

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