When will this project end?

Feb 5 • Letters to the EditorNo Comments on When will this project end?

Sir: Concerning the Boardwalk on Thames project, is there nothing the Municipality of Chatham-Kent can do? This is clearly a problem with no end in sight.

It seems as though the city is being held hostage by this company and now the former YMCA is in the same predicament.

None of the endless excuses are valid or believable.

Apparently it will be completed this year. We have heard that one, year after year.

Even when completed, the “new” condo will be 10 years old. Vacant and exposed to the elements for nearly a decade? No thanks.

Not only has this disaster contributed to the virtual death of our downtown, it has become a municipal embarrassment. This mess has contributed to the decline of the mall and the exit of several other core businesses, with others on their way out.

I do not believe that either council or administration has a way to resolve this. At least clear the roadway behind the building. Can we not revoke the building permit?

Although this may just put the thing on hold forever, I believe we must take some action.

Michael Bondy
Councillor, Ward 6
Municipality of Chatham-Kent



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