Schoolyard or parking lot?


Sir: My Grandson is starting school this week, so I thought we would walk over to his new school, McNaughton Avenue P.S and check it out in advance.

I was concerned to see that an area at the back of the school that had been part of the schoolyard was being paved over for parking.

Another area, also at the back of the school, was being fenced off – for what I couldn’t figure out – and another area at the front of the school, next to Kids Stuff, had also become a parking lot.

While the school is on a very large peace of land, it’s concerning to me that monies that go into education, from local taxpayers and from the province, are not being used for “education” but for high-priced parking lots, while at the same time depriving students of play space.

Are our trustees aware of this?

John Willatt



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