Erie Shore Drive remains closed

(Facebook image, courtesy Trevor Thompson)

Erie Shore Drive between between Erie Beach and Erieau remains closed as high winds and water continue to plague the Lake Erie Shoreline.

Chatham-Kent Public Works Director Ryan Brown said the road was closed Saturday and emergency action undertaken to try and stop further damage to the road.

“It’s a public safety issue,” he said in a media release. “We’ve installed cement barriers to assist with managing the flow of water caused by flooding, and are in process of repairing the damage caused to the support structure.   The road remains completely closed to all traffic.”

Brown said the road will remain closed until the water recedes and officials have the opportunity for full examination of the roadway to determine its ability to carry traffic.

Yesterday the Chatham-Kent Police Service reminded the public that driving on a closed road, is an offence, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act.  Anyone caught driving around barricades on a closed road, may be issued a $110 fine.


Brown urged motorists to avoid the area. “Our prime concern is that for the safety of the public and the safety of workers on site,” he said. “We request the public’s support to stay clear of the area.”


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