Business as usual at Glitters

Waitress Belinda Danielski stands in front of the entrance of Glitters Fun Eatery in Chatham. While the building was recently sold, the business itself will remain unaffected by the sale.

Glitters Fun Eatery manager Gino Buffone says he wants to set the record straight and let everyone know that although the building was recently sold, it is business as usual at the Chatham restaurant and their doors remain open.

The recent sale of the building has prompted a lot of calls from concerned patrons asking if the restaurant was closing, which Buffone said they need not worry about.

“The building has been sold to an undisclosed purchaser but the business hasn’t been sold,” said Buffone.

The restaurant, which is a downtown staple, will continue to run as normal, and customers will not see any changes.

“I will be continuing to operate as the owner and manager until the end of 2020,” said Buffone who has been at the downtown location since 1983 when the restaurant opened as the Movieola Cafe.

Changing names to Glitters Fun Eatery a couple years later, the beloved family run business is now in its 36th year of operation. With its characteristic movie-themed interior, Buffone has fond memories throughout his years at the establishment working with his family, including his wife Judy, and meeting customers.

“We’ve been received extremely well by Chatham and we even have some customers from the initial opening who come to this day,” said Buffone.

His wife is now retired and his children have moved onto their own careers.

Buffone said the concern shown by so many citizens for the family-friendly restaurant has been touching.

“It’s complimentary in one sense that they are interested in what’s happening,” he said.

With a busy summer season planned for downtown festivities, Buffone is excited and ready to welcome new and existing hungry patrons.

While the restaurant will continue to run as normal, Buffone does not know what the future holds past his December 2020 retirement.

“I don’t know what the purchaser’s intentions are. Whether they will continue to run it as a restaurant, it’s up to them, but hopefully they will continue,“ he said.

“In the meantime, it gives me a chance to enjoy my customers.”



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