Sifting through the fluff


Sir: Seems our society gets onto many kicks, sayings, expressions, aphorisms etc. Of the latter, they include: “Easy come easy go,” “he who hesitates is lost.”

Two of the silliest saying’s yet!

“Ya  gotta spend money to make money,”  “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Such common expressions/aphorisms can be categorized as a positive way to think.  My law enforcement background taught, generally, in order to be successful for a criminal conviction (thinking positive without an objective and knowledgeable thought process would have me lose more than win) that two ingredients must be present “mens rea” (having an intention and knowledge)  and “actus reus” (a person’s actions and conduct) both must work simultaneously and in conjunction for success.

Similarly, two ingredients must be present in order for “positive thinking” to be productive, same must include and have a foundation of “an ability to think objectively (weighing all pros and cons)” or the stand-alone “positive attitude” only creates a diversion to what needs to be. Ultimately, many times “positive thinking” focuses on creating a false sense of security, that all will be fine, that we don’t have to work to construct a situation to make things happen –  subsequently, failure can prevail.

Electing the right person as mayor, someone that will productively lead council is a serious matter.  I am not a “positive” thinker but make every attempt to think with “objective process” weighing all the pros and cons to each situation rather than thinking of the nice and happy things only, trusting all will be ok,  that our taxes will somehow miraculously stabilize and become lower, that our economic climate will improve, that our community will somehow regain job growth, our municipal services will suddenly increase without it costing us more,  that our cost of living will somehow become more affordable, and our “positive thinking” absent of “objective thinking” will end with a euphoric world. Think again.

In order to reach a successful outcome one has to physically, intellectually and emotionally, and through proven experience and knowledge in municipal management and provincial liaison, get off one’s backside to make things happen and know how to get from point “A” to point “B” through experienced successful management and governance that would show voters that you can create a structured atmosphere and environment to affect successful results. Having any mayoral candidate that promises the world, that can only boast of the big picture (which we all know what we want) absent of having the experience to deliver is only a politician – we know what politicians have done for our province and country. Talking a good day’s work just to get elected does not cut it.

So, when a candidate brags and fluffs it up, promises you everything including the kitchen sink, you need to put on your red light and siren, pull them over, ask for their I.D. and “proof of assurance.”

John K. Cryderman



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