Failing to comply, failing to comply, failing to …


It was a day of failing to comply for felons and accused felons in Chatham-Kent.

In one instance, Chatham-Kent police officers responded to an animal complaint on Grand Avenue East in Chatham just before 9 p.m. Tuesday. They located the owner, who police say was in an agitated state, as the animal was loose.

Police say the man was uncooperative and was arrested for breaching the peace.

Upon being searched, he was found to be in possession of crystal meth and a lighter and a pipe.

Investigation revealed the man was bound by conditions to not possess any illegal drugs.

A 37-year-old Chatham man is charged with drug possession and failing to comply.

Early this morning, around 2:45 a.m., police pulled over a vehicle on Murray Street in Wallaceburg due to an expired tag. The officer learned the woman is bound by a curfew dating back to a July 21 release from custody, so she was arrested.

Yesterday morning, officers took a man into custody because he never informed him of his address, despite release conditions from Sunday to do so within 24 hours.

He’s charged with failing to comply

An officer on general patrol saw a man on Grand Avenue West in Chatham wanted for breaching conditions of his probation order.

A 35-year-old Raleigh Township man is charged with three counts of failing to comply.

Back in February, a man was released from custody with several conditions, one of which was to notify police of any change of address.

On Sept. 9, police received information that the man was no longer at the address he’d left with authorities.

Yesterday afternoon, during a routine traffic stop, an officer recognized the man in the vehicle, and arrested him for failing to comply.




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