Don’t block the exits


Sir: People have no respect for others by putting their bikes between the double door entrance/exit area of fast food restaurants and coffee shops.

Sometimes, I’m talking about two or three bikes at a time.

This makes it difficult for people with walkers and wheelchairs.

If a fire ever breaks out, who knows what could happen. The fire department people walk in right pass the bikes and know the law is being broken and do nothing until something dangerous happens under the fire code. By that time it’s too late.

The fire code laws can and do get broken here in Chatham-Kent. It’s illegal to block a fire exit and both the bike and business owners can be charged for blocking a fire exit with bicycles.

For the safety and respect of everyone, I hope they will stop parking their bikes between the double door used for entrances and exits. The business owners will have to start getting stricter to solve that problem and fire fighters will have to do their job when the law is being broken.

Murray Holland





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