Saturdays at 7 support appreciated


Sir: The Performing Arts Program at St. Andrew’s United Church, Chatham, has just completed its fifth season. The Saturdays at 7 at St. Andrew’s concerts have been very popular in the community since initiated in June 2013.

Approximately 9,500 people have attended 31 Saturdays at 7 over those five years.

The Windsor Symphony Orchestra has now performed concerts at St. Andrew’s for three seasons, with 11 concerts attended by approximately 2,500 people.

The Performing Arts Committee of St. Andrew’s wishes to thank all those who have helped make these concerts such a success. A special thank you must go to all the musicians who presented a variety of musical renditions with the competent leadership, talented accompaniment and solo performances of Devon Hansen, Director of Music at St. Andrew’s. Many guest performers, choirs, bands and groups from Chatham-Kent, Detroit, Toronto, New York City, Waterloo and Windsor have joined with St. Andrew’s Chancel Choir over the years to present these concerts.

St. Andrew’s is especially proud to provide a forum for amazing and young musicians to perform and share their talents.

We also thank the many businesses in the community who help promote the concerts through adverting in programs and welcoming the display of posters on their premises.

The support of all those who attend is truly appreciated for without an audience it is not a concert.

Appreciation is especially expressed to The Chatham Voice for promoting the events through the Community Voice column as well as various articles and photos. Chatham-Kent is indeed fortunate to have media that positively supports events in this community to help make it a great place to live.

Saturdays at 7 at St. Andrew’s will continue in 2018-19 with six concerts and the Windsor Symphony Orchestra will perform three concerts in the St. Andrew’s sanctuary. All are welcome to attend.

Mary Alice Marchand

Performing Arts Committee

St. Andrew’s United Church




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