I’m told I’m stubborn

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Rose Beach Line has some of the best beaches in Chatham-Kent, including a public section only a few kilometres east of Rondeau Provincial Park.

If you were to ask my wife, I’m about as stubborn now as I’ve ever been in my life.

Case in point is a nasty scrape on my lower right leg, obtained the night we spent camped out on Rose Beach Line a stone’s throw from Lake Erie.

I got up to stretch from the gravity chair in which I was sleeping that night – I like sleeping under the stars out there (despite the horde of mosquitoes that buzzed about that night) – about 4:30 a.m. As I rose, one foot sank down into the sand quickly, and I automatically adjusted my weight to my other leg – the not-so-good one – and it too was on uneven ground.

Down I went, landing on sticks, sand and gravel, scraping up my leg.

I brushed off the sand and tried to catch some more sleep in the truck, but the stinging in the leg, and the fact I couldn’t open a window due to the bugs, resulted in my early exit that morning from a beautiful spot.

When I got home, I gave my leg a cursory cleanout and settled in for some additional sleep.

The only problem is I never gave the leg a good cleansing.

By Monday evening, it became swollen and red. Friends from Lindsay, Pete and Arlene, were visiting for a couple of days, so I had two “wives” giving me “the look” over my failings taking care of myself. Off they went to the pharmacy, returning with antiseptic wash and a triple antibiotic ointment. Following an antiseptic cleansing of my wounds, I had to apply the ointment three times a day for five days.

Unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t wear pants last week. So there I was going to assignments and visiting clients with my scraped-up, red shin on display for everyone.

Sorry, folks.

But following a weekend of rest and relaxation – I spent much of it with my leg elevated, I was happy to see the swelling and redness was greatly reduced.

Thanks, Mary and Arlene, for treating me like a kid and making sure I applied my medicine.

The visit

As I mentioned, Pete and Arlene, close friends from Lindsay visited recently. They were actually our neighbours for 13 years there.

It would be nice to have them live close by again at some point, as they have their home for sale and are looking to relocate, possibly to Chatham-Kent.

We did our best to make them feel welcome, and they did their best to behave like themselves. They purchased beverages, more than resupplying anything they consumed, and bought pizza and wings one night.

But I did manage to get a good meal cooked on the barbecue. We did the prosciutto-wrapped asparagus again, some barbecued chicken and grilled red peppers, with rice.

We just have to make them realize that moving here means regular meals off the Big Green Egg, lots of laughs on our back patio, quick access to everything from two Great Lakes, culture and sports here and just an hour or so away in London, Windsor and Detroit, and warmer winters.

Monster zucchini

I must thank Voice reader Jenny for dropping off a couple of massive zucchinis last week.

It may be a hot, rather dry summer, but her TLC in her garden has worked wonders, judging by the zucchinis she dropped off.



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