Brad Greulich, Libertarian candidate L-K-M 

Brad Greulich

My name is Brad Greulich and I am proud to be running for MPP in the Lambton-Kent-Middlesex district, on behalf of the Ontario Libertarian Party.

I am running for MPP because, unlike every major party in Ontario I believe that you should be in charge of your money- not the government.

The Libertarian party is the only party offering a real difference. I am certain that in order to make Ontario a prosperous place to live and work, we need to reduce the size and scope of our government. We need to take decision-making power away from large, unaccountable governments, who waste the hard-earned money of working class Ontarians. This power needs to return to whom it belongs; the individual, the family unit. Not the bureaucrat.

My name is Brad Greulich and I believe that the best person to manage your money, shape your future and choose how to live your life is YOU.

Would you make changes, and if so, what, to the Green Energy Act?

The Libertarian party, if elected, would repeal the green energy act. I do not believe that it’s right to use tax dollars to subsidize the production of inefficient electricity that must then be sold for below production cost. This kind of waste is unacceptable. I believe that people should be able to purchase electricity from whatever sources they choose. If people feel better about purchasing solar and wind power, even if it’s at a higher cost, that should be their choice. However, the price of electricity should not be artificially increased by forcing people to pay to produce inefficient power.

Ontario electricity prices continue to spiral upward. What should be done to stop the increases?

The first step in lowering the price of electricity is to repeal the green energy act and remove all subsidized power from the grid. Time of use billing would also be eliminated. It is extremely unfair to business, people who work nights and families with a stay at home parent. It’s no secret that the high cost of hydro is to encourage people to conserve. The reality is that politicians and their friends get richer while regular families have a harder and harder time paying the bills each month.

How do you think the increase in minimum wage has impacted the Ontario economy?

The minimum wage increase has, at best left low income earners no further ahead then before the increase and at worst, cost them cut hours or even their jobs. Inflationary policy like this means that even if you have more money in your pocket, it will buy you less. This is extremely bad for business both small and large, and even worse for the people it was meant to help.

In terms of health care, what do you feel the spending priority should be?

Health care priorities are much easier then the other parties seem to realize. Individuals and families should be put in charge of where their money goes. They shouldn’t be limited to a ‘one size fits all’ system that someone else said was best. Each one of us knows what we need better than any party, if someone wants to seek a private health care option, they should be allowed. This isn’t about taking away OHIP, which helps countless people everyday, it’s about allowing people options or alternatives if they want them.

The province has a debt of more than $320 billion, running a deficit this year of about $6.7 billion. What has to change?

To be blunt, the reckless spending of taxpayer money has to stop. No government should be using one persons’ hard earned money to buy votes from another. People in Ontario are on hard times because the more governments waste, the more they tax to pay for the next project. No one is ever held to account, so politicians have no reason to stop.

By putting people back in control of their money, governments will do less damage and families can do what’s best for them. By reducing the size and scope of the government and getting rid of job killing taxes we can get the province back on its feet.


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