Late night theft thwarted


Police have two men in custody pending their bail hearing today after officers caught a couple of guys trying to make off with a cooler and garbage container full of stolen tools early this morning.

According to Chatham-Kent police, an officer on patrol saw two men leaving the side of a Taylor Avenue residential property about 2:30 a.m., dragging the large cooler and garbage container.

The officer charged the men with trespassing.

But a follow-up search revealed the men were in possession of a laptop that was reported stolen from a vehicle recently, and a cooler bag recovered from a stolen vehicle.

Furthermore, a search of the garbage container cooler revealed a cache of tools that police say were just stolen from a garage on Taylor Avenue.

Two 22-year-old men of no fixed address are charged with trespassing, break and enter, as well as three counts of possession of stolen property.




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