Let people smoke on hospital grounds


Sir: Great article, Bruce, on the way some people drive and walk in Chatham (“Please curb the stupidity on our roads,” in the Jan. 18 Chatham Voice).

As well, it sure looks like you have a problem with your cat, Finn. Just like a naughty child who needs a little spanking the odd time, but of course that’s also a no-no with cats.

I believe the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance will find it hard to enforce its no-smoking bylaw on hospital property. As soon as a person leaves a hospital door, they light up and walk to wherever they are going.

The gazebos were fine. People could smoke far enough away from entrances and not bother anybody.

But just a few days ago, I was waiting for a bus in the shelter near the hospital. There were 20 cigarette butts on the floor inside, plus two piles of vomit.

Just that one small area is more of a health hazard than the entire hospital grounds are.

And another thing: That bus shelter roof leaks badly.

Bylaws are becoming a great, big nonsense when the powers that be can’t seem to enforce them, or choose not to do so.

Ruth Draper





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