Tidy up, please, kids


Sir: While my husband and I were out for a walk behind the Chatham hospital recently, we were enjoying it and all the new rabbits running around.

Kudos to the lady we met who also was enjoying a walk it seems. There she was with a bag in her hand picking up garbage that many untidy people threw down.

We notice on our walks along Ursuline Avenue, there are a couple of benches near the entrance there to The Pines school. There is a garbage container there where most of the students sit and eat. The garbage container is only a short distance from these two benches, but they leave their garbage on the ground at these benches.

So, when it’s windy, those people on the east side of Ursuline Avenue will get most of that garbage.

So, guys and girls, please use the containers and any others that are around the Pines for your use.

Ruth Draper





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