Sarah Williams on being Canadian



Sarah Williams, globetrotter

I don’t even know where to begin. The pride I get to feel as a Canadian overwhelms me at moments.

I travel, near and far; across Ontario, across Canada, across oceans and the globe itself.

Sometimes my greatest feeling of pride comes with living abroad. I hear the stories of fellow travellers and their times spent in Canada, their experiences, their friends they have made, and the love they have found for Canada.

I may not be in Canada as much as I used to, but that never takes away the pride you feel for home. Your home is where your heart is, your home is where you were shaped, where you grew into the person you are today.

When you live abroad as a Canadian, you voluntarily become your country’s ambassador in a way. When you travel you speak of where you come from with all you meet, and it is of great pride to be able to speak of home with such pride, and to hear others hold it in such a high regard as well.

Canada may be 150 years new but the outstanding reputation Canadians and Canada have on a global scale warms my heart and makes living far from home a little bit easier.

Being Canadian means to stand strong, but live free. For a Canadian, the opportunities are truly endless. It is like distance becomes non-existent and time becomes irrelevant, because a Canadian will always welcome you with a warm smile and a cold beer, like you never left to begin with.

Being Canadian to me means being an ambassador when not at home, standing strong whether alone or in a pack, and living, I mean truly LIVING. 




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