Trapped cat suffered needlessly

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Sir: I am a disabled senior who, on April 17, called animal rescue for help to rescue a cat in distress under my deck. I was told that they don’t do cats or dogs and they didn’t have anyone available.


Doesn’t the scope of animal rescue include all animals?

I was then told to get the owner. I wasn’t sure who the owner might be but suspected it was the missing cat of the neighbours behind me. That poor animal whined all evening and into the night … a cry for help that never came.

As my neighbours weren’t home, I left a note in their mailbox. They came over this morning and removed the body of their family pet… a pet that probably could have survived if animal rescue had done its job. I was so upset to think this poor animal had died trapped under my deck and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

This is disgusting that no one cared enough to save an animal who was trapped and needed help to get free. All they had to do was remove a couple of screws from the boards on the side of the deck and they could have freed this poor creature. No animal should be left to suffer like that.

Gayle Young




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