Chamber award winner declines accolades



The winner of business of the year for the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce, The Dutch Market, said thanks but no thanks Friday.

The chamber released its list of winners recently, with awards to be presented March 30 at the Business of Excellence Awards banquet at Club Lentinas.

The Dutch Market received the business of the year accolade, while Carolyn Powers is citizen of the year, Enviroshake industry of the year, Tricia Xavier business professional of the year, Fred Neclario entrepreneur of the year, and Natalie Devolder youth entrepreneur of the year.

On Friday, the chamber announced that Charlie Huls, president of The Dutch Market, declined the honour.

“I truly appreciate the honour of The Dutch Market being selected by the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce as the business has made great efforts in the past year, however, in reflection, respectfully have chosen to decline the award,” Huls said in a release.

Christopher June, chair of the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce, said such things have happened in the past.

“It’s not uncommon for the chamber to receive notification from a potential award winner who is humbled by the nomination but in the end, declines to follow through with the judging process. The nomination, in itself, is complimentary to them,” June said in a release. “The board of directors, has graciously accepted the decline of The Dutch Market for Business of the Year, and are respectful of this later decision.”




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