Faith teaching could benefit further


Sir: I couldn’t wait to get home to read “Helping students live their faith,” in the Jan. 19 Chatham Voice.

I read it three times no less, but sensed something was missing.

What exactly was it that Steve Churchill, the Grade 11 university

English teacher wanted to create for his students “that will leave them forever changed?”

I certainly agree it’s not Shakespeare. Good grief, I’m a great grandmother and I had to endure that stuff way back when.

Commendable as solving community problems of poverty and hunger are, however, and not said disparagingly, even Jesus said, “the poor you’ll always have with you, but you’ll not always have Me,” Matthew 26:11.

I believe the ‘missing link’ for Churchill is found in a book much older than Shakespeare’s, but one which is as current as today’s headline news, namely the Bible.

I also believe it was the truths recorded in this book that prompted

Grade 11 Ursuline College student Madison Herreweyers to form a pro-life club.

From Genesis to Revelation, young people will find everything they need to understand who they are, why they’re here, and where they’re going. It even includes a guide to show them the way.

How exciting the English class will be when boys and girls read, write, talk, and study poetry, wisdom literature, prophecy fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled, the patriarchs, history, creation, and the words of Jesus spoken as He walked on this earth approximately 1 to 33 A.D.

Using 21st century skills as Dan Parr, Director of Education suggested, they will be on the cutting edge to study the Bible’s relevancy, reliability, and its historical and geographical authenticity.

Imagine their joy when events happening in Israel, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Jordan or Gaza, etc., are reported on the TV channels of our nation and they know these same places from their Bible studies!

These are the truths that will “leave them forever changed.”

Steve Churchill, you are a remarkable teacher! Your students are blessed to have you.

Anne Stewart





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