What happens next at health alliance?



By now, the results of provincial investigator Bonnie Adamson’s report on the state of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance are well known.

It is one of the most damning of its kind we’ve ever seen.

Adamson spared no words in describing the CKHA management as inadequate across the board – financially, operationally, and in terms of workplace culture.

In deciding what happens next, the provincial supervisor to be appointed shortly has full authority.

There is little doubt senior management will be replaced and medical service will be provided on the basis of what’s best for the community, not personal agendas.

We would request that due consideration be given to acknowledging the role played by the Sydenham District Hospital board in bringing the matter to the province’s attention.

Were it not for that board’s diligence in meeting the financial and moral obligations to its membership, the mismanagement of the CKHA would still be taking place.

Health care would be jeopardized, untold millions would be squandered and staff would be working in an atmosphere of defeat and intimidation.

The board members undertook this responsibility despite the hostility of those interested in maintaining the status quo.

Members of the community who spoke out, including this newspaper, were publicly castigated.

At a time when delivery of health care has never been more difficult, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care took the right step forward.

As the CKHA (or whatever the new entity is called), attempts to rebuild its image and regain the confidence of the community, it would be wise to use goodwill and capital, as evidenced by the 539 members of the Sydenham District Hospital board who have a personal stake in health care.

We implore the supervisor to use the same courage as the ministry and foster the public’s belief that real people can make a change and help take local health care to a new level.

Make the new board public and open.

The passion is real, the cost is virtually negligible and the potential benefits immense.


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