Resolve Rondeau debate now



Much like cicadas emerging from their 17-year hibernation, the issue of Rondeau Park cottages emerges periodically.

Unlike the cicadas, whose sound is a reminder of the rhythm of nature, the sound made by the cottage issue is a reminder of ongoing bureaucratic constipation and bickering.

Every 21 years the same refrains emerge. Opponents paint the cottagers as evil, entitled parasites bent on destroying the ecosystem of the park.

Supporters paint them as stewards of the landwho provide the south Kent community with an important economic stimulus.

Hardliners on either side will not change their minds.

That’s the reason we need, once and for all, a strong, science-based, non-agenda driven solution.

If the cottagers are destroying the park’s ecosystem, they’re taking an awfully long time to do so since cottages have been in the park since 1894.

If the government has proof that sustained severe and measurable damage is being done to the park, introduce it and move the cottages out.

The fact that they’ve already extended leases for nearly a half centay and may do it again leads us to believe that evidence doesn’t exist.

If it doesn’t, grandfather the current leases and be done with it.

If the cottagers aren’t paying their fair share of costs incurred by their presence, make them do so. Taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize vacation homes.

As long as there are clear cost recovery-based principles involved, this should not be a difficult task.

If cottagers are breaking park regulations, charge them. If they aren’t, apply the same nuisance sanctions against the complainants as would be done in any other circumstance.

It’s time to move on and realize whatever the outcome, some people will be unhappy.

The 21-year cycle is embarassing to the province, causes division in the community and has resulted in nothing but a constant flow of anger, name-calling and vitriol.


  1. Well said, is anyone listening, Shame on Government for dragging this on for decades
    it seems that there many very important things too spend time and money
    The Park and Cottagers have passed the test of time, can we just move on?


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