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One of the best things about being part of a local, small business is the sense of community we share with our readers and advertisers.

Last week’s announcement that we’ve decided to partner with CityMedia to expand our online reach and improve the digital package for our readers and advertisers was one of those “feel good” moments.

We had thousands of online views, as well as phone calls, e-mails and plenty of congratulations. We thank you for all of them.

Like anything though, there were a few people who wondered what this meant for The Voice.

To begin with, it doesn’t mean anything in terms of ownership, despite a rumour or two you may have heard.

We’re owned by C-K Media which is owned by Bruce and myself, the same as always.

We don’t use the term “partnership” lightly here.

We looked long and hard to find a firm that had our beliefs and just as importantly, had a skill set that will bring added value to the money you spend with us.

CityMedia will allow us to reach hundreds more local customers who want a quality local option for their advertising.

If you’re in business, you know anyone can and will try to sell you advertising. “Marketing experts” pop up like dandelions in the spring.

We’re excited to be able to reach more customers who believe in Chatham-Kent, and to bring a new skill set and experience to the enterprise.

When you choose to support a local business such as ourselves, we want you to know we won’t rest on our laurels.

We continue to go after the stories that matter to you. We won’t be content to be spoon-fed media, regurgitating whatever those in authority tell us.

That determination and dedication to local content means you’ll get the best we can do.

We’ll tell you that we believe you should vote. We won’t tell you to vote for someone because our corporate masters tell us to.

We owe our allegiance to our community, not a holding company somewhere.

We’ll always encourage you to shop local, buy local, support local. To our readers, we ask you to shop at the fine stores and businesses that advertise in our newspaper. And to businesses, we suggest taking the shop local, buy local approach to advertising as well. Invest your advertising dollars with locally owned businesses who share your commitment to the community.




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