C-K’s Night Before Christmas


Sir: Twas the night before Christmas

When all thru municipal hall

Many creatures were stirring, council members and all

Their stockings were hung beside the Mayor with care

Hoping the Integrity Commissioner will never be there


The councillors were nestled all snug in their seat

While visions of grandeur kept pace with their beat

The Mayor in his robe and councillors with their briefs

Keep voting each year for no tax reliefs


When out of the audience many arose with a hoop, and a holler

Rightfully blaming council for spending every tax dollar

Administration responding to the clatter,

All wondered just what was the matter

The audience demanded an account of their cash

Just then council opened the doors and took off in a flash

Administration, while climbing the wall

Kept shouting to council…. Dash Away! Dash Away! Dash Away All!


The softened debt in the newly released report

Gave the impression all is well, an easy-to-manage Chatham-Kent Fort

Then, to the taxpayers’ wondering eyes should appear

But another tax hike soon to be here.


Councillors keep spending, increasing our debt

All the while wondering, what happened to Chatham-Kent?

With a tempered administration, watching so near

I knew in a moment there was no reason to cheer

More rapid than eagles they came with excuses and pride

To instruct council not to worry, be quiet and enjoy the ride


As administration whistled and shouted ever so bold

As they whistled and shouted – do as your told

As they only tell council what they want them to hear

Don’t worry, it’s just another year


As administration whistled and shouted and called each by name

As council responded, who is to blame?

The Mayor, the CEO, who is one in the same

As some council members work hard and try

They can only get information through an F.O.I.


Out-of-control municipal spending continues to spiral

Council’s decisions tend to go viral

So back to the taxpayers councillors return

Like skyrocketing coursers council never seems to learn

With our money being spent so quickly and free

It’s literally a $300M shopping spree.


And then in a twinkling, I heard from the top

Council decided, we’re not going to stop

As council continues the trend

Down the chimney they come, let’s … Spend!  Spend!  Spend!


Council all dressed, fit to kill

On their medication, the “spending pill”

Their clothes a bit tarnished but with pockets of pride

Still supporting the “spending tide”


Councils eyes as they twinkled! There mindset so merry

All keep saying, we’re fine – the public still weary

As their little mouths shimmer and our economy grows dimmer

The look in their eyes to no one’s surprise

A forewarning of Chatham-Kent’s, financial demise

As taxpayers continue to complain

Many feel it is only in vain

Cost-saving measures seem to be placed on the shelf

Council and administration seem to do this, in spite of themself

A wink of their eye and a twist of their head

Soon told me we have everything to dread


As council and administration continue to do what they choose

As Chatham-Kent and its high taxes make headline news

Taxpayers attempt to show council the way

Councillors continue to dart away in their sleigh

But I heard council exclaim, as they drove out of sight.

“Don’t count on us!  We don’t know if we’re right!”

John Cryderman



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