Warrants galore


police headquarters

Chatham Kent Police were busy yesterday arresting a number of local citizens on various warrants.

On Dec. 22 police attended to a business on Richmond Street, Chatham.  Upon arrival, a 24 year old Chatham male was located and arrested with respects to violation of release conditions and a recent revoking of surety.  The male was transported to headquarters and held for bail.

Also during the day a 26-year-old Wallaceburg male was taken to jail on outstanding for failing to appear for an earlier court date.  As a result the male was arrested, transported to headquarters and held pending bail.

Lastly a 31-year-old Tilbury male turned himself in regards to a warrant issued regarding a Dec.19 robbery on Queen Street North in Tilbury. As a result of that investigation multiples suspects were identified and warrants for arrest were subsequently issued.  The male was processed and released with restricting conditions and a future court date.


  1. It's great that these arrests are being made… one question though – if they're brought in for things like violation of release conditions and failure to appear to an earlier court date, then why the heck are they held pending bail? A vicious circle where the police do their job – but the courts/legal system fails to support the efforts??


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