The human body is art unto itself


Sir: The recent complaint regarding a Leonard Jubenville nude self-portrait is an unfortunate response to his excellent expression of intent and emotion.

There is certainly nothing even remotely pornographic about this painting that definitely evokes provocative discussion among viewers. I suspect that the Masters are rolling in their graves at such a narrow-minded perception of this painting.

The human form is beautiful and has been lauded throughout the ages as an art form unto itself.

As a Member of ARTspace, I can assert that my paintings are well displayed, along with the other members of this gallery. My sales, of course, speak for themselves.

I have also had the opportunity to display a solo exhibition, selling 10 of my 14 pieces. I have submitted and been accepted to several juried exhibitions, winning awards in a couple of them. I do not feel restricted in any way.

Quoting from her complaint, “A local artist should be encouraged and supported in his or her own publicly funded art gallery. Local artists should be encouraged and highlighted. Art is the heart of civilization and should be the heart of a community, celebrating their local gifts,” describes the atmosphere promoted by the Thames Art Gallery and ARTspace.

ARTspace encourages growth in the arts by offering camps and classes to our young emerging artists. The after-school programs are excellent. The success of the Paint Nights is phenomenal and to my very pleasant surprise, they have been attended by people other than ARTspace members.

Connecting art and people through the scheduled Art Crawls is just another example of our Cultural enrichment in Chatham-Kent.

It’s my hope that the narrow mindedness of the complainant is not the prevailing view in our community. My only wish would be for a larger gallery space so we could invite even more artists to display their work.

Charlene McGill



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