Confederation Park concept a good one


Sir: I have been reading with interest John Willet’s recent letter to your paper about his idea of having a small Confederation Park at the corners of Fourth, Queen and Wellington streets in Chatham.

That area is private property now, but if the proposed office building for that site does not become a reality, why not, as Mr. Willet suggests, buy a small section of that lot or ask possibly if it could be donated so that a small park could be put there to share space with the current parking lots on this area of land?

This area is not a flood zone area, and could accommodate a new statue reflecting the importance of those of us who are proud of our Canadian Heritage. It does not necessarily mean that our current cenotaph needs to be moved there. That should, if possible, remains where it is at now.

A new statue could be created by local students and people in need of work, possibly being paid through some sort of

Government-funded employment program, similar if not the same as was done with other projects in the municipality.

This park proposal is just that, though, just a proposal. Perhaps the owner of the land has plans for building there, as far as I know, so maybe such a park idea is out of the question.

Perhaps, though, even if a building is constructed there, maybe there is still room for a small parcel of land available right at the corner to construct a statue. This statue would remind people here that despite everything we go through in life, we should be proud that we are Canadians and are able to live in this country as its citizens.

Frank Doyle





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