Hands off the tip jar!


police cuffs

A Blenheim teen is in custody after someone allegedly tried to steal from the tip jar early this morning at a local pizza joint.

Police say a woman went into the pizza shop about 12:30 a.m. and asked to use the phone, and then tried to steal from the tip jar.

Police say when officers arrived, they learned she had outstanding warrants for breaching probation and for failing to attend court.

An 18-year-old Blenheim woman is charged with theft and possession, breach of probation and failing to attend court.


  1. That is extremely sad. Someone in such dire need they take money from a donation jar. How can we help this person? Poverty is a crime and creates crime.

  2. Why is this sad? She was attempting to break the law by stealing. Tips are EARNED by employees as a supplement to their LOWER wage, no one has the right to take what is not theirs. If she were hungry she could have asked for food. If she needed Money she could have asked someone. If she needed a roof over her head she got one. In the Jail warm and fed. She had outstanding warrants, I see nothing sad here other than the hard working people who were almost ripped off.


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