Teens drop at Dresden Remembrance Day ceremonies


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The Dresden Remembrance Day ceremony today was marred by a series of people fainting, something officials are investigating.

According to one witness, Patricia Lunnon-Fox, the day began like any other Remembrance Day, with the students walking to the cenotaph from Lambton-Kent Composite School. But then things went sideways.

“It was really odd. All I saw was this kid lean and then all of a sudden he fell right on his face. It was scary,” she said. “We ran over and then I ran to grab towels and a cold wash cloth from a nearby restaurant.

“He was bleeding. Police and firefighters rolled him over and kept him comfortable.”

Lunnon-Fox said the boy has a gash on his chin and his nose was bleeding, but he appeared coherent.

But the fainting didn’t stop there.

“The next thing you know, two more go down,” she said. “And then two more.”

Scott McKelvie, principal of the high school, confirmed a dozen students were impacted.

“The ceremony was well underway and we noticed a student was helped to the ground by another. Then another student fell. It just sort of dominoed from there,” he said.

Lunnon-Fox said the number of kids fainting was chilling. She has a daughter, Tiffani, who is in Grade 11 at the school.

“After the fifth (student) went down, I said to the teachers that we’d better get the kids sitting down before we had more injuries,” she said. “My daughter, after it was all over, went back to school. She texted and said another two went down at the school.”

McKelvie believes a combination of factors were at play, as the affected students reported experiencing dizziness.

“Yesterday, we counselled the kids to wear heavy clothing because it was cold last year. No doubt some of them did and they walked down to the cenotaph and then stood in the warm sun,” he said.

Furthermore, most of the kids McKelvie spoke to afterwards admitted to not eating breakfast either.

“We’re monitoring the situation and following up with parents.”

Steve Pancino, General Manager for Medavie EMS Chatham-Kent, said multiple young people were assessed at the scene.

“I can confirm that Medavie EMS paramedics and a supervisor responded ‎to the call,” Pancino told The Sydenham Current. “Fifteen patients were assessed and treated at the scene, with three of those requiring additional treatment in hospital. None of their conditions are serious at this time.”

Pancino said all the people treated were ‎under the age of 18.

Medavie staff said a scene assessment revealed no concerning risks or hazards.


  1. The conclusions drawn here are ridiculous! My wife, a 37 year old woman, in perfect health also passed out, and was dressed appropriately. She had eaten food from Wallace burg. There was no investigation at all, just a pat answer based on imagination.
    Most likely there was an asphyxiant in the air, possibly from the plane exhaust as they flew by low overhead.
    Hopefully Medavie will issue a statement that presents the facts, not brush the occurrence off as crazy teens overdressed and underfed

  2. Very strange but I know what the combination of not eating breakfast and over warm can do. Eat breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day! Brain food!

  3. heat will do that, and combine it with emotional response to the day. it was very warm, I wore just a coat and hat and felt warm in the sun. add in that so often young people do not eat breakfast too or be properly hydrated. we seen an air cadet in Hanover go to his knees, reactin was quick and the whole group wetre instructed to bend and get blood flowing.

  4. They used to teach us how to stand for long periods when there was still such a thing as cadets in school. They were prepared at those lengthy inspection ceremonies for "kids to drop". . . and educated on how to prevent it by rocking on your feet, etc.

  5. This happened a few years ago with my school too at an outside ceremony. Warm day, overdressed, a change in eating and once one goes, so do the others. We were grateful to have had the local paramedics in attendance.

  6. Are you kidding me?? 15 over dressed kids all passed out at the same time?? Not in a million years. Probably smoking that "faux" marijuanna that's going around. The "herbal" stuff full of dangerous chemicals!! That just doesn't happen to be a "coincidence"

  7. I went to Lambton Kent for my entire high school career and we had days 5 times as cold as this while it either rained snowed or both and we never had anyone faint or pass out! For the principal McKelvie to say it may be cause from lack of “breakfast” that mourning isn’t entertaining me at all. Not to mention this happened last year with only one student fainting and this year multiple students being affected! C’mon there is no way this is a coincidence Also for people to blame this on “DRUGS”? Now who has their heads in the clouds one of which affected by this is relation. This is getting ridiculous!

  8. there is also a possibility that heat coupled with the air quality and standing at attention quietly you are not breathing as deeply as you are when you are moving…adults get dizzy just standing in one spot for a period of time. Let's give these kids some credit here and not jump to conclusions ….

  9. Alright alright, being a grade twelve student at lambton kent I'll fill everyone that's so concerned in on the situation. The first two of our students that fainted were because of no breakfast and standing still. There was a third and the fourth we're the same. The rest were all due to panic attacks and hyperventilating. We even had a couple cases after the service back at the school. No drugs no alcohol, just students that didn't eat breakfast, didn't keep their blood flowing properly and panic, that's all.

  10. Kids do that all the time when standing in one place too long. They drop like flies if they dont learn to alternate weight from one foot to another.

  11. There has been some viral infections similar to this going around Chatham. Two of my kids had gone to the doctors with dizzy spells and when they ate, they felt sick, but other than that there was no issue. Hope these kids feel better, I wouldn't be suprised if the combo of not eating and being warm, plus virals maybe…


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