Mayoral candidate Steve Brent


brent stevewebI was born and raised in Wallaceburg, as was my wife, Michele.

I offer over four decades of professional financial management, bank management, sales and leadership effectiveness skills. My abilities have been recognized for high performing teams that I have led and influenced throughout my entire professional career.

I am passionate about Chatham-Kent, and the welfare of all its citizens and businesses. I have worked tirelessly for the last eight years to connect with the all the communities of Chatham-Kent. This has been achieved by giving back by way of donating my time, energies and talents to over a dozen local non-profit and charitable associations, all since returning to C-K in 2006 after early retiring from our first careers.

I am known for selflessly promoting all businesses that I work, visit and dialogue with.

I have come to understand C-K at its core through my grassroots approach of connecting with its individual people and businesses from shore to shore. I believe in fiscal responsibility, prudent investment decisions, community investments that have great return on investment and increasing assessments.

Would you support a tax freeze or rollback if it meant reduced staff or services?

Yes, however this can be done without reduction of services and any reduction of staff is last resort, again, fixing the processes within will mean significant savings for taxpayers.

Would you support an OPP costing study?

Yes, all data must be examined. I do not support the Municipality having to paying for the study – the OPP needs to readdress their position on this. I have great belief in CKPS and I am confident that we can come to terms that will support CKPS and satisfy taxpayers.

Would you support examining a volunteer-only fire service if the provincial arbitration system isn’t overhauled?

Yes, there are merits in this working in several centres within CK however I need to review more data before being comfortable making a broad based determination on this one. I am meeting with the Chief shortly have knowledge & data exchange

Do you believe we should continue our ongoing efforts to attract economic investment from China?

Yes, CK will become an attractor of business internationally however the process that we undertake to achieve this needs to change. I am confident that through my leadership and international network that we can significantly increase our successes in this regard.

Would you support contracting municipal services to the private sector if those services can be delivered more efficiently?

Yes, again, MUCH data is needed well before this could come into play. Privatization can play a key role in certain sectors to provide significant financial efficiencies that CK needs – I am a numbers guy, lots of digging needed here!!!

Would you support investigating amalgamation of fire/ambulance/police services to reduce costs?

Yes, appears to have great efficiencies/successes in other jurisdictions. Tons of data needed here too before making any level of decision.

Would you support a municipal tree-cutting bylaw if it contained incentives for woodlot owners to retain/increase tree cover?

Yes in a VERY qualified sense – incentives can work and it is about protecting the health of CK residents for me. So much more work needs to happen beyond Natural Heritage Implementation Strategy – lots missing from it on both sides. It has to be a WIN WIN for health issues and Ag Industries!!!

Do you believe we need a municipal ombudsman or ethics commissioner such as London and Windsor have added?

Yes tentatively, I believe in my leadership capability to move issues along with better synergies of all parties. My transparency and accountability platform will address many of the needs in this area.

Would you consider developing a usage benchmark for municipal offices, arena and libraries and closing those that don’t meet the standards?

Yes, very tentatively – need MUCH more data. I have great faith in Tania Sharpe and a Steve Brent led Municipal government working through this and will achieve positive results for ALL involved – no rash decisions without proper metrics will ever be undertaken under a Steve Brent led Municipal Government.

Do you support development of a community-wide multipurpose recreation centre?

Yes, a double-pad arena to properly address the growth of hockey, figure skating etc. in CK is needed and this is part of my vision for CK!

Do you support an adopt-a-park program in which service or volunteer groups assume some maintenance (grass cutting) of some municipal facilities?

Yes, we have great corporate citizens in CK and I am very amenable to enabling this to happen.

Do you support investigating a reduction in the number of municipal councillors?

Yes, greater efficiencies, transparency and accountability are my commitment going forward – this will happen.




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