Alter river speed limits


Sir: Summer weather is here and people have their boats ready for the season. But where are the boats on the Thames River?

Several years ago, the volume of large American cruisers caused speed limits to be put on the Snye, Thames River and the Basset Channel. The Americans no longer come to this area, including Lighthouse Cove, mostly due to the high cost of gas and the 13% HST.

Why can’t the Thames River be given back to our local Canadian boaters to enjoy if desired, by removing the present speed limit? Most boats would probably be 20 feet or less in length and any erosion would be minimal.

Why can’t the laws be altered for Canadians who may want to use the Thames River? There is a $600,000 ramp in Chatham; give the local Canadian boaters a reason to use it.

After 46 years of pleasure boating and fishing, I gave up my last boat about six years ago. Living on the river west of Chatham, the only boating pleasure is watching a rare boat go by and the people enjoying a decent boat ride.

It would be great if the local politicians would seriously look at the facts and figures I have presented, then remove the speed limit on the Thames River for the benefit of our local Canadian boaters. I firmly believe even a trial period would prove no problem with the smaller Canadian boats using the Thames River.

 Bob Reid





  1. There has not been a speed limit on these waters in years. The Chatham Kent Police and the OPP boats have always run wide open.


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