Mural deserves a place in or near Cultural Centre


Editor’s note: This letter to the editor is addressed to Mayor Randy Hope and members of council.

Sir: The report in the March 6 edition of The Chatham Voice indicates that the mural donated by the Faubert family, which has stood for quite some time at the Downtown Chatham Centre mall, has to be moved, as requested by Mr. Dan Warrener.

This subject was of some discussion at a recent meeting of members of The Kent Writer’s Guild in Chatham.

May I offer the following suggestion as a result of our discussion?

Rather than put the mural in storage, or at a city park where it may be subject to possible vandalism, as well as wear and tear

from the outside weather elements, perhaps the mural should be located in the area of the property of the Chatham Cultural

Centre, which seems to be only natural and a perfect fit for this work of art?

I don’t know if there is any space big enough inside the Cultural Centre building to hold the mural, but at least that possibility could be investigated. It seems that putting the mural anywhere on the grounds of the Cultural Centre would be a good fit.

I had been by the mural several months ago, before the news of the need to move it was made public. I had already noticed

wear and tear from the weather elements on the mural, including a piece of the mural on the bottom left side that looks as thought it had been broken off somehow. It may be that once the mural is moved and relocated to a new location, it could need some sort of touchup work to help maintain its longevity, especially if it is placed outside again.

Thank you for your time in reading this. My hope is that the mural is not packed away so that it is unavailable for public viewing again.

Frank Doyle





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