Concerns raised over Canada Post cuts


A Canada Post employee fills a super mailbox on Bristol Drive in Chatham recently. This will become a familiar site in urban areas in Chatham-Kent, and around the country, in the future. But just when it will take place locally is not yet known.

The mayor and council are concerned over the lack of communication with Canada Post, as service reductions and cuts have trickled into C-K.

“We’re constantly getting slaughtered out in the rural areas,” said East Kent Coun. Jim Brown. “They are taking everything away.”

Brown added he’s received word that Canada Post is cutting hours at post offices, and they have informed their branches that “the changes are just beginning.

“Supposedly this is happening in Chatham-Kent,” Brown said.

Mayor Randy Hope said he has not received any correspondence from Canada Post about cuts to service in the rural communities.

“We all know about postal delivery being chopped in the city,” he said.

West Kent Coun. Brian King said cuts to postal services will add costs to C-K.

“It is costing more and we are getting less service,” he said. “We mail out tax bills. It’s going to affect our bottom line.”

Council approved sending a letter to the area MPs and to Canada Post to communicate their displeasure.



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