Manns win trip to Italy


Don and Jeannette Mann won the top prize in Community Living Wallaceburg’s 2014 Travel Club Lottery today.

The vacation, valued at $3,000, includes flights and all-inclusive accommodations at a seaside resort on the Mediterranean, near Naples.

“We were actually planning to go to Italy next year, so this is a very nice surprise,” said Don Mann in a press release. “And we’ve purchased Travel Club Lottery tickets for many years and this is the first time we’ve won.”

Today’s draw is one of six getaways and 12 $50 cash prizes that will be drawn as part of the lottery. The lottery sold out earlier this month.

Proceeds from the lottery are earmarked to enhance services and supports for more than 450 people with intellectual disabilities in Wallaceburg and across Chatham-Kent.

For more information, including timelines on upcoming draws in the lottery, visit,




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