Keep snakes off our streets


Sir: I enjoy reading your paper very much. I particularly like the letters to the editor.

In regards to the letter from the Sept. 19 edition from Marvel Warwick – “Snakes disturb local residents” – I agree 100%. Why should a senior or any person be terrified to walk or drive down McFarlane Street for fear of seeing a reptile? A boa constrictor isn’t poisonous, but it can be dangerous.

How soon people forget two innocent little boys losing their lives to a boa in New Brunswick.

There are bylaws for geese, chickens, pitbulls, the number of cats and dogs a person can own, where a smoker can light up, where people can bike and skateboard, and there are licenses for dogs. What is it going to take for Chatham-Kent council to develop a bylaw regarding snakes? Will it take an unnecessary death and a lawsuit?

We would not be allowed to walk down the street or go to a store with a lion or a tiger. To walk a dog, it has to be on a leash.

You are not allowed to have a raccoon for a pet or a monkey because they can become dangerous.

Many years ago, when the circus came to Chatham by train, the council and mayor at the time ruled the train was not allowed to sit overnight carrying snakes that appear in circus acts – for the protection of the public. How times change. Now snake owners seem to get special treatment and there’s no protection for the public.

L.V.M. Weaver




  1. your argument here is invalid we need to have faith in one another as well as the people who buy snakes to be respecting and honest with there snakes. snakes don’t go out side and if they do they are in close hands and eye sight. if someone releases one in the streets they should be prosecuted if found but either way in Canada we have climates where my Red tail boas measuring 9+ft. and if its to cold in my house they start to lose they’re strength and there motivation. so by discussing this and stating there should be laws against this. There is we have restricted snakes when they can potentially grow big enough to consume a human. everyone has a danger from any animals we don’t need laws we need a tracking system to see who has a snake and what kind. I enjoy reptiles as they are apex predators and they have a lot more information about them that isn’t known like the fact in captivity if the snake is maintained with regular contact (a must for owning a snake) then it will be tame and you only have to worry when its hungry. if they are ignorant feed it for the pleasure of death and ignore it then of course it will be dangerous but people don’t realize its still a pet that needs attention so you don’t become the food.


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