1812 workshop set for Oct. 12


The Chatham-Kent Museum is hosting a lecture and workshop Oct. 12 about the British Army, and as an added bonus, participants will learn to paint a historically accurate British soldier of the War of 1812 to keep.

From ancient to modern times, soldiers have been depicted in miniature. It hasn’t been until the past two centuries with the production capacity made possible by the industrial revolution that miniature soldiers in a variety of materials have been made accessible to the wider public.

Instructor Eric Shaw will take participants through the history of the British Army, while demonstrating how to paint the miniatures. No experience is required, just patience, a relatively steady hand and a desire to create a miniature work of art. All materials are provided, including a morning and afternoon snack break. Bring your own lunch.

The workshop runs from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Studio Two at the Chatham Cultural Centre, and is suitable for those 12 years of age and up. Cost is $55 inclusive. To register call 519-354-8338, visit the Centre box office at 75 William St. N. or online at www.cktickets.com.




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