Charges laid in dog attack



The owners of a Toy Pomeranian nearly killed when a Rottweiler attacked it three weeks ago said charges have been laid against the animal’s owner.

Randy Coote said he was told of the charge but can’t find out any more information.

“We’re happy that the owner of the dog may be held accountable, but it’s frustrating because we can’t find out who it is because of privacy issues,” he said.

Coote said neither the OSPCA nor the Chatham Kent police would provide details.

“We’re not looking to make any money, but even though Dr. Fife has been great with us, Cinta’s medical costs are well over $1,000” he said. “I think the dog owner has to take some responsibility here.”

Cinta needed nearly 100 stitches in her hindquarters and mid section after the July 6 attack in which the five-pound dog was mauled by a Rottweiler several times her size on St. Clair Street.

“I hope the dog owner pays a fine and the dog is declared dangerous, but it isn’t fair that the victim in the attack has to pay while the person who left their dog unattended gets away almost Scott-free.”

Randy’s wife Brenda said in a Facebook post  “Cinta is doing fantastic; she is healing well and continues to be her smiling self. Thank you everyone for your continued support and kind words and thoughts in all aspects of this.”

Calls to the Chatham branch of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were not returned by press time.


  1. Pretty hard to effectively prosecute the charge without witnesses (Randy). Guess then you find out "who dunnit". I believe also that there is power for the Justice to make a restitutionary order for the monetary damages to the dog.


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