And it’s lit


pot light boxWe finished with our recessed lighting on the weekend. Naturally, the final two lights took about 90 minutes to install — much less time than the other four. Chalk it up to experience, or the Lee factor. Actually, it was mostly the Lee factor.

I’d asked Lee, attached to the local Laurie clan the same as me — via marriage — to help me several weeks ago with my wiring and hanging of the pot lights. But a serious illness in his family put that assistance on hold. I proceeded without him, hanging the four pot lights in the main area of the basement. Yes, it took some time, as I am slow and steady, and rely on information on the Internet when I am unsure on how to proceed.

Lee contacted me as I contemplated putting in the final two lights of the project. These were to go in my daughter’s area of the basement, where she has a sectional couch, a desk, boombox and TV. He arrived before 9:30 a.m. on Saturday to “help.” We had the project done before 11. I was essentially the gopher.

When Lee eyes a project, he’s go, go, go. As he pulled down the old fluorescent fixture, I put the T-bar clips on the light boxes; while he ran the wiring, I put the boxes in position in the T-bar; and as he connected the wiring, I started measuring and cutting the holes in the drop ceiling tiles. As I toiled over this, Lee also cut a piece of board to use as an anchor for a junction box we’d found just hanging by the wiring. He also attached the box and put a cover on it by the time I’d cut the holes for the lights.

It is said many hands make light work. With someone such as Lee on the job, his knowledge and efficiency make the work very light indeed.

Much appreciated.

And now the two fluorescent lights on the other side of the basement stand out in stark ugliness, even though they are rarely turned on (the big-screen sports TV is on that side). But I’m not sure what to do here. If I install pot lights, they’ll hardly ever get turned on. I’m wondering what accent lighting would make sense.

There’s a shelf above and behind the television. I’m have considered the idea of running under-cabinet LED strip lighting under the shelf, but worry it might be too harsh a light, as it would be visible.

Any suggestions and advice from readers would be appreciated. And, Lee, when we proceed, you’ll be getting a call. This time, try to come a little later, so when the job’s done, we can enjoy a rum together.





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