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wisp maskAs many readers know, I use a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine for sleeping at night. I have sleep apnea. The machine isn’t very effective when the headgear on the mask starts to fall apart.

The new mask, which I’d had for about five weeks, gave out where the snaps from the back attach below the ear to secure the nose mask. The result — a lot of air leakage from a poor fit and a lousy sleep for the owner (me).

When I got the mask, I noticed it had one weak point. And of course, that’s where it gave out.

But it was under warranty, so I called Vitalaire in Chatham to set up an appointment. Wow, I had to wait a mere  four hours to see Ivan, the dude who handles the CPAP machines for the company here.

Actually, I arrived about 10 minutes early for my appointment, as a previous meeting ended early. In no time, I was in, and minutes later had a replacement mask.

Since the one I’m using — a Phillips Respironics Wisp —  has only been out a few months, it stands to reason the company would be paying close attention to any defects. It showed when Ivan brought out a replacement mask, as part of the neoprene headgear — the piece that holds the nose mask in place and attaches to the rear headgear by straps and clips — was replaced by silicone and hard plastic. Where the clips attach appears much more durable.

Time will tell.

Speaking of time, I was back in my truck and heading home by the time my appointment was scheduled to start. That’s great service — efficient and accommodating.




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