If you think it’s cold here…


OK, the folks in Chatham-Kent are complaining about the extreme cold. I found the wind darned chilly this morning, but this honestly isn’t COLD.

It was about -16C in Chatham this morning. Yes, it was windy too. But where I come from, in northern Quebec, it was -32C.

IMG_4158That’s fresh. In fact, it sucks the heat right out of things. Here’s a picture of what happens when you toss a cup of hot water into the air, courtesy of my Aunt Beth, who tried it this morning off her deck near Preissac, Que.

By the way, do you know where Fahrenheit and Celsius meet on the thermometer? Try -40. Have you seen the mercury dip that low? I have. Just don’t stick your tongue on anything metallic, or you’ll be there, and in pain, for a while. My brother once did it off our back porch in Val D’Or, Que. Warm water got him free. I don’t remember quite as much steam as in Beth’s photo, however…





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