OPINION: Oh, Canada!


As we head into this Canada Day weekend, perhaps we should all try to take the time to look back on how great we have it in this country.

That means, step back, all you haters of Justin Trudeau. Clam up, you dislikers of Pierre Poilievre. And sit down, despisers of Jagmeet Singh.

We have a minority government right now, and that is an amazing thing. Two thirds of our major federal political parties have to work in consort, or else a non-confidence vote could send us to the polls.

Co-operation. What an amazing thing in politics. Cherish it, even if you are a supporter of the federal Conservatives.

Because look at the dumpster fire that is the U.S. political system. There, it is ALL about getting re-elected. Half the terms of elected political officials, it seems are spent trying to stay in office.

Not a good way to get things done.

Neither is fighting between the leader of the country and one of the houses.

Here, we have a much different political system. It may not be perfect, but it certainly tops the Republic model we are seeing to our south.

Thankfully, during the War of 1812, we pushed back the Americans and remained part of the British Commonwealth, retaining the parliamentary democracy concept of electing Members of Parliament and the leader of the party with the most seats earns the right to lead government.

South of us, the constitutional republic seems rather flawed. The electoral college process leaves one scratching their heads. The most votes – the popular vote – does not elect the country’s leader, Instead, votes are tallied within electoral districts – 538 in all.

You’d think that then you’d simply add up the districts and the first one to 270 is the next president.

But no. In 48 states, whichever candidate has the most districts leads to all the districts in that state being counted for that particular candidate.

To us, that just does not seem right.

So, let’s celebrate July 1, 1867, the date of birth of our country; our parliamentary democracy; our universal health care; our beer;  peameal bacon (no, it’s not Canadian bacon here); and our ability to say, “Sorry, eh?”


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