Seniors Day Out celebrates a year in Dresden

St. Andrew’s Residence staff and Dresden Rotary Club members celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Dresden Seniors Day Out program. From left, Ethan Nelson, Rose Northcott, Mindy Jenner, Brittany Whittington, Dianne Jackson, Rob Jackson and Joe Faas.

It’s been a year now since St. Andrew’s Residence’s Seniors Day Out Program expanded to Dresden, and the social outing continues to gain popularity.

The mission of St. Andrew’s Residence in Chatham has always been to support seniors living across Chatham-Kent. In May 2023, staff expanded the Seniors Day Out Program – which is designed to foster independence, health, and wellness among older adults in a fun and engaging way – to include Dresden.

With the ongoing funding support of Ontario Health, the St. Andrew’s Residence team, through the Seniors Day Out Program, has been able to promote independence, health and wellness, and a positive lifestyle among older adults within the Dresden and Chatham-Kent communities.

The program features hot meals and engaging activities, and has maintained and improved seniors’ functional and social abilities. This education-focused approach has reduced or delayed the need for hospitalization or around-the-clock care, enhancing the participants’ quality of life, according to St. Andrew’s officials.

Fast-forward one year to May 2024, and the Wednesday Dresden Seniors Day Out Program is thriving, with new members joining weekly.

“Throughout the pandemic, the negative impact of isolation among our senior population was obvious. It has been incredibly heartwarming to see residents of the Dresden community attend the program and make new life-long connections,” Mindy Jenner, community and client relations manager at St. Andrew’s, said in a media release. ”Not only do our participants look forward to seeing each other at the program, but they also make a point to connect outside of the program.”

The Dresden Rotary Club is an integral part of the program’s success in Dresden, as its members provide space for it, and support.

If you or a loved one could benefit from the program at the Dresden or Chatham locations, call 519-354-8103. No referral is necessary.


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