OPINION: Strange comments


We recently observed local MP Lianne Rood’s social media video complaining about the “woke” lids used by Tim Hortons on their coffee cups.

Admittedly, we were speechless immediately after watching the clip. Our mouths were agape, but nothing was coming out.

Then again, too often, we have seen politicians with their mouths agape, and words spewing forth, but with nothing really tangible coming out.

We see that as the case with our Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MP in this instance. What prompted Rood to get angry over a coffee cup lid? She said the fibre-composed lid broke down as she drank her coffee. 

It was the first time we’ve heard of such a … tragedy.

In the video, we see a great deal of lipstick smeared on the lid that adorns the cup in Rood’s hand. Perhaps the chemical combo proved disastrous for the lid in question. We just don’t know.

But we don’t understand how Rood considers the paper lids – which are being tested at select Tim’s outlets – to be harmful to the environment. She said at least plastic lids are recyclable. And she is correct. They are…if they do get pulled off the cup, rinsed and recycled. A fibre lid can be recycled too. But if it winds up in the trash, it would quickly break down in a landfill, or possibly under the hot breath of an angry politician.

If a disposable coffee cup lid is so offensive, then just remove it. Or utilize a reusable coffee container of your own. Simple. Problem solved. No public insulting of a cup lid required.

We urge the MP to instead focus on more important issues at hand, such as ethics breaches, inflation, foreign interference…you know, federal issues.

But that’s enough about one of our politician’s public comments. Let’s switch to Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff. In his speech to the local business community May 23, he listed a number of reasons why people are moving to C-K.

One was the addition of CCTV cameras to area downtowns.

We doubt police-controlled cameras are part of someone’s reasons-to-move-there list.

Not that they aren’t warranted in Chatham and Wallaceburg, however. Just not everywhere else.

But if the police chief wants it, council seems to capitulate.


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