LETTER: No perfect answer to homeless issue


Editor: This is in reply to the March 21 column “Big-city problems land in Chatham.”

Thanks, Bruce, for your column from several weeks back. Just read it and have a hopefully short response.

I can’t speak about the homeless problem here in Chatham-Kent, as it is an issue that goes coast to coast to coast across Canada these days. No one seems to have a perfect answer on how to deal with this long and old issue. Yes, it’s nothing new.

As for teen swarming, or as it can be called, “Putting the boots to someone you didn’t like,” that has been going on for as long as I was in school in Chatham-Kent.

Still, attacks on people for doing nothing more than walking through a local park, on one’s way to work or while shopping downtown isn’t only uncalled for, it can be cause for criminal charges to be laid! Especially attacks on disabled people and the elderly; there is no justification for these attacks.

Thank you for bringing this subject to the attention of your newspapers readers. It is a subject of concern to all who live in our municipality.

What can be done to solve all the hardship this issue is causing, not just to the homeless, but also to people who have to deal with it at the front or back doors of their homes? It is an issue that many of us wish we had the perfect answer to but there doesn’t seem to be one at this time.

Frank Doyle



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