LETTER: Company should do its own meter reading


Editor: Enbridge states they have been unable to visit my address to read “their” meter. Enbridge wants me to use my time to read the Enbridge meter attached to my home no matter the weather conditions and supply that information to them at no charge, using my own Internet or phone … and I get…nothing.

Enbridge’s claim is refreshingly transparent. Does Enbridge list all the reasons they can’t read their meter? No, because there are none.

There is no snow covering their meter, the path to their meter is not blocked by snow drifts, their meter has never frozen, the road and sidewalks are clear of snow. It would seem there is no reason they or their meter reading  representatives are able to visit their meter at this address.

Announcing the layoff of hundreds of employees days before requesting I perform an Enbridge business function for free reeks of hypocrisy.

Some economically vulnerable customers may feel coerced into this if they get on a rollercoaster of too high, too low estimates and the bills that come with them.

What reason does Enbridge have to not retain employees or contract a company to read Enbridge meters? If they’re adverse to paying people, remote meters could be installed. The last place I lived installed them more than a decade ago.

Could it be that their bonuses are more important than their customers and employees, or the company is poorly run, or they can’t think ahead?

Is their net operating cash situation so dire that they must treat their customers like someone picking up a bag of chips to go through a self checkout? Except the chip buyer is warm and dry and doesn’t have to go online to report their purchase for tally.

Enbridge makes the people in a 10-cart line up at Walmart feel valued by comparison.

The senior executive group and the board of directors could take decreases in their stipends, expense accounts, benefits and stock options for non-performance. That group might go to the shareholders and say sorry, we’re not doing such a great job so we aren’t paying this quarter’s dividend.

In closing, Enbridge has many options to retrieve sales information from “their” meters. None of those need involve Enbridge customers doing that job for them.


Vaughn Pfaff





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