SCRCA largely in the dark over York1’s plans


Officials at the St. Clair Regional Conservation Authority said the owners of a proposed recycling/landfill facility outside Dresden have not been exactly open with their information sharing.

Ken Phillips, general manager of the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, said the authority had a meeting with York1 in mid-2023, and then there wasn’t any additional communication.

“We’ve received nothing official from York1. We had a meeting last summer. We told them our requirements and have heard nothing back from them.”

Phillips said there are concerns over setback distance requirements in case of flooding, as part of the property is on a floodplain.

Molly’s Creek runs along the southern border of the property.

Phillips said he can’t comment on any concerns over natural heritage, woodlots or wetlands, however, due to changes by the Ford government to the Conservation Authority Act.


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